Our office has developed a comprehensive Sleep apnea therapy treatment that will assist patients from start to finish.  Our system will treat patients that have a wide variety and severity of apneas.  Our office is committed to treating patients with sleep disorders in conjunction with their physician.  By being committed to caring for patients in a combined manner, the best outcome for the patient is guaranteed.  It also allows our office to bill the patient’s medical insurance.  Our office is dedicated to treating the entire oral system as opposed to many other sleep programs that don’t, confidently diagnose, or properly treat any of the underlying issues related to sleep apnea.


Sleep apnea is a severely underdiagnosed problem that leads to multiple health and oral issues.  Did you know tooth wear and clenching or grinding have a strong correlation to sleep apnea?  Did you know tooth wear, bedding wetting, and behavioral disorders in children have a strong sleep apnea correlation?  All issues related to sleep apnea are treated in different ways.  CPAP therapy works well for many patients.  Unfortunately, there is a large segment that has a severe intolerance to CPAP.  These patients have the most to gain through an oral appliance therapy.

Please call us today of a consultation regarding you options or to find out more information!